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At Normandale School positive behaviour is promoted and celebrated. Students are supported to develop and show a sense of pride in their personal successes. At Normandale School we foster an environment that is inclusive, where lifelong learning and global citizenship is nurtured.

PB4L stands for Positive Behaviour For Learning. It is an evidence-based framework developed for use in New Zealand schools, and supported by the Ministry of Education. 


PB4L looks at behaviour and learning from a whole-of-school as well as an individual student perspective. It provides schools with a process for teaching social and behavioural skills and helps them to develop a positive, proactive, and systematic approach based on the individual school context. 


PB4L takes the approach that opportunities for learning and achievement increase if: 

  • the school environment is positive and supportive  

  • expectations are consistently clear 

  • students are consistently taught expected behaviours 

  • expected behaviours are consistently acknowledged 

  • inappropriate behaviours are consistently responded to in a fair and equitable way.


At the heart of PB4L is the principle that acknowledging and encouraging positive behaviour is more effective than punishing negative behaviour. 


PB4L is based on fifty years of extensive research on the behaviour of young people and measures that make a genuine difference. PB4L acknowledges the perspectives of young people, and motivates them to act in ways that enhance their learning and social relationships. 


Normandale School began its PB4L school wide program at the start of 2021.


You can learn more about PB4L here:

Normandale School Whanau Groups


We have 8 Whanau groups at Normandale School. Each group is named after a native bird.

Each student belongs to a Whanau group and because of this, Whanau groups are rewarded when students are doing the right thing at the right time.


When Whanau groups meet, we spend some time getting to know each other and help each other complete fun activities. What makes our Whanau groups special is that we have students from each year level in each Whanau groups. This encourages our students to get to know each other. It is wonderful to see our senior students helping our little 5 year olds. Whanau groups are a great time to build our sense of community.

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