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About our school

Welcome to
Normandale School

Normandale School is in a quiet valley, away from busy streets and is surrounded by native trees and birds with a scenic view of the harbour.

There are large areas of playing fields, hard court areas, an adventure playground and a solar heated swimming pool, all available for the enjoyment of the wider community. We are also fortunate to have a stunning library and spacious hall. The facilities are well maintained and the school is well resourced with the assistance of a dedicated group of parents who make up the FoNS (Friends of Normandale School). 

Normandale School fosters a positive, community focussed environment. We encourage leadership skills with our senior students and they are very nurturing of the new and younger students. 

We are fortunate in having a talented and highly professional staff. The teachers work in a collegial and supportive manner. Staff view the learning, health and happiness of each child as paramount. 

While focus is on literacy and numeracy skills we feel that learning is holistic and we also provide a range of learning opportunities within the sports and arts areas. 

At Normandale School we are open, honest and friendly in our communication. We welcome and encourage the participation and involvement of our community and as a result there is a high level of parental input.

Read more about our school values and the history of Normandale School.

Management Team
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Matt Burt


Natalie Moore



Julia Holmes


Karen Schrijvers


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