Fun Days

Matariki Celebration

posted 19 Jun 2011, 17:17 by Steph Campbell   [ updated 19 Jun 2011, 17:21 ]

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Just one of the activities on Matariki Day was creating stars and taking photos of them. 
There are some talented photographers at Normandale School.

Walking Cars

posted 14 Apr 2011, 02:41 by Normandale School   [ updated 14 Apr 2011, 03:17 ]

To promote walking to school, our School Council organised a walking car day. Children were asked to make a walking car at home, out of recycled materials,  and bring it to school and it would be judged for creativity, the message it gives and we would have races. What a lot of creative people we have in our community.

National Red and Black Day for Christchurch

posted 8 Mar 2011, 22:47 by Sue Morgan

On Friday we all looked amazing! There was a sea of red and black in the playground and classrooms. Thank you all for your generosity in supporting such a worthwhile cause.

Water/Fun Day- March 3

posted 8 Mar 2011, 22:43 by Sue Morgan

 We picked the perfect day- it was wet and cold on the Wednesday and Friday. We all had lots of fun as an entire school all together. It is always lovely to see the nurturing and positive interaction between our seniors and our younger students.

Police Dog visit

posted 9 Nov 2010, 00:56 by Normandale School

We were lucky in term 3 as we had a visit from 2 policemen and their police dogs. We saw some of the things the dogs can do when they are chasing a bad person. It was really interesting.

Book Week

posted 9 Nov 2010, 00:31 by Normandale School   [ updated 9 Nov 2010, 00:47 ]

We had many activities during our school Book Week. Guest readers from the community visited to share books with small groups of children. Danny, the children’s librarian from Lower Hutt Library talked to the Juniors about the library and showed us some amazing Pop-up books that are at the library and then he read us some very funny books. Sometime during each day the bell would ring telling us to Drop Everything And Read. (DEAR). We finished with a “dress up as your favourite book character" parade. Also running this week was a Book Fair at school held by the Fons.

Scarecrow Day

posted 24 Jun 2010, 02:04 by Normandale School   [ updated 25 Jun 2010, 20:11 ]

After spending Art Week making scarecrows, we all dressed up as scarecrows on Friday. it was a lot of fun  (and also very messy!)

Funky Feet Day

posted 15 Jun 2010, 14:48 by Sue Morgan   [ updated 20 Jun 2010, 22:28 by Normandale School ]

Our School Council organised a fun "Funky Feet" Day. Everyone decorated their shoes.

Water Day

posted 15 Jun 2010, 14:46 by Sue Morgan   [ updated 20 Jun 2010, 22:28 by Normandale School ]

To end the summer we had a fun water day.

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